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Hello fans of “God Spilled the Paint” photograph!

Temblor Wildflower ©FKee Rev1

     Hi it is fairly common every Spring that I get asked about my “God Spilled the Paint” photo. I am aware of false ownership of my picture and know some have entered the photo in contest and won. I don’t get why people do this but picture went viral and was rapidly spread from Desert USA website where I originally posted the picture.  In  haste I posted the photo unprotected to inform the wildflowers lovers of this beautiful find. It never occurred to me it would become world famous. In some ways it is an honor that it has been highly acclaimed, used by others for various purposes, and sought out by individuals to claim it as their work. In reality it is God’s art work.
     I don’t mind online postings and use for non profit, educational, spiritual or religious organizations, personal use, club blogs and art. I just request proper credit and that you use the photo posted here with my copyright info embed on it and below a caption  “Photo  courtesy of Frank Kee” Please make a comment or email me if you use it. If you make an art work with this Photograph as an inspiration please send or post a photo.  Commercial or professional use please arrange with me. (email
     I used to  have this photo on Smugmug for people who wanted reprints. However when Smugmug decided  to suddenly drastically  increase the price for handling the sale of this print the profit was not enough to justify keeping it on Smumug. It was my only picture for sale and I only sold a few annually.
     The original photo has been touched up to brighten and  bring out colors as it was overcast & grey the time. It was also breezy which made sharpness a challenge. In comparison to seeing it in person the photo is  minuscule.  The photo was taken with a compact Point & Shoot camera at 4MB resolution which is paltry by today’s standards but state of art for a compact in 2005.This means the photo will not be as sharp at the extra large sizes but it also depends how far away photo is viewed.  In all it was really about being at the right time at the right place and capturing the beautiful moment.
      I hope to find a way to make it available again for reprints. Keep sending me request to encourage that. Versions you find online are lower resolutions and you can make prints of these for personal use. With advances in technology I am working to improve the editing.

Authenticity: see these links
Contact Jim Bremmer at Desert USA  email ​ He will vouch for authenticity of the photo originating from me.

PS Just took a  quick trip on 3.2.2016 to Carrizo & Joshua Tree and saw some good blooms but not a super bloom.  I hear Death Valley is having an above average bloom. I thinking to go out again to scout wildflowers.

More Temblor pictures (various loomphotographers) can be seen at

🙂 Happy  wildflower hunting but do  go see it in the real because no picture comapres to seeing it with your own eyes. Go to to see the latest reports on wildflowers blooms in SW USA. It is a great website.

Frank Kee​